About Us

At Cambridge Sciences, our technicians have worked with the brilliant sound and vision engineers who create the explosive sights and sounds of many of the movies and the crisp studio audio quality for many recording artists to bring these devices to life. 

Traditionally, large format desktop screens and desktop computers have been the way to work, do business and develop your creativity. 
But with the modern, flexible way of life, we have developed the StarPAD range so you can take your work wherever you choose to be.

We felt it would be great to bring the traditional work environment with you wherever you want to be and work from without compromising on productivity. 

The challenge was to deliver this in a small form factor that the individual can carry around with them and enjoy the same high level of productivity you get in your traditional office environment.

Now, truly, your office can be anywhere you are, wherever you are, whenever you want it. Stay connected......wherever you are!

After 24 months of research and many prototypes later.....we arrived at the StarPAD, the tablet for life as you want it to be.